Connecticut Auto Bill of Sale Laws

Selling or buying property or a vehicle can be confusing and stressful enough, without the added worry associated with not knowing your rights. Protect yourself with a professional Bill Of Sale.

Whether you are a buyer or seller, you can protect yourself with legal documentation through a professional Bill of Sale document.

Not only does it verify that you are the legal owner, but jurisdictions commonly use the bill of sale to determine the sales tax.

An auto bill of sale is made for the purpose of privately selling your vehicle. An auto bill of sale is your legal receipt to prove you paid for the vehicle.

A bill of sale should include the vehicle information such as the make, model, year, VIN (vehicle identification number), and the odometer reading at the time of the sale. You also will need to include the buyer and seller information on your auto bill of sale form; this will include info such as the name and address, and the signature’s of both buyer and seller. The last thing Connecticut requires to be on your auto bill of sale form is the selling price and the date the vehicle was sold.

You can obtain a bill of sale (H-31 form) from your local DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) for a “print fee”, my DMV in Florida has charged me over ten dollars for one of these “print fees”. When the bill of sale is completed, the purchaser must present the completed form to the Motor Vehicle Department with other forms required for proper registration. The best thing to do is go online and download an auto bill of sale kit that includes instructions and all the forms you need for the same price.

At any time you can obtain a copy of the original Bill of Sale once it’s filed by filing a Copy Records Request (Form J-23), which you can request to be mailed to you. Connecticut courts charge a twenty-dollar fee for a Copy Records Request, and usually takes about four to six weeks to receive a copy of the Bill of Sale that you specifically requested.

A Bill of Sale is not simply limited to an automobile; you can use a Bill of Sale to sell a boat, vessel, motorcycle, a motor vehicle, or other motorized vehicle.

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Other FAQ’s

Just bought a vehicle and have a title from a different state (CA). What about bill of sale?

If I have a California title for a vehicle I just bought in Texas, what about the bill of sale? Both the old owner and me were living in Texas at time of sale. Do I fill out Texas paperwork on that?

go back and get a bill of sale=== then call the Texas DMV or go to the city tax office where you get the license plates and ask what you need to get the car registered and legal…. take the new insurance card and your drivers license to prove that you are a city resident… you have 30 days in most cases to register the car in Texas … you must get the Texas paperwork and register the car in Texas and change the license plates and the first (1st) thing you will get from the DMV is a form that you must take to a TX inspection station and get the car inspected and the form signed by the person doing the inspection and that form goes back to the DMV … sounds complicated but that’s the way to get it done correctly (( if you get stopped and are on the way with the insp. form and the billof sale in the car the cop may want to follow you to the insp. station == be friendly and skip the ticket))) good luck and be patient with the Texas law..

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