What is a Bill of Sale for a Car

As American’s, and leaders in auto bill of sale, vehicle bill of sale, and property bill of sale forms, we know the importance of protection, especially personal protection.

Whether you are a buyer or seller, you can protect yourself with legal documentation through a professional Bill of Sale document.

Not only does it verify that you are the legal owner, but jurisdictions commonly use the bill of sale to determine the sales tax.

When buying a car you should always receive an auto bill of sale with the vehicles details on it, and signed by the seller. This is proof that the vehicle was legally sold to you, and the title has been transferred to you. It’s also important for the seller to keep a copy of the bill of sale because it has the agreed upon purchase price of the vehicle. Having one will prevent any disputes later on.

Every state that I’m familiar with in the U.S. requires an auto bill of sale form to register and tag a new vehicle you’ve purchased. Since some states require additional information, it’s a good to seek out a state specific fill able form if you plan to prepare it yourself without a lawyer. These forms are easy to find and fill out, so a lawyer is not necessary.

Once you’ve found a fill able bill of sale form online for your state then all you need to do is fill in some information. This information includes the vehicle identification number (VIN), the purchase price of the vehicle sold, the full name of both the buyer and the seller, the address of both the buyer and seller, and then it needs to be signed by the seller. Depending on the state you live in there may also be a line on the form for the buyer to sign also.

Documenting the purchase/sale of a vehicle is vitally important in this day in age. That’s why it’s standardized everywhere now. It’s the only way to give your vehicle purchase protection under the law in an organized way. Thankfully, we have kept them simple enough so that anyone can create a bill of sale without the aid of a lawyer. Car lots across the U.S. keep stacks of these forms around and create lots of them daily, but I bet you’ve never seen a lawyer around the lot. That’s because a lawyer isn’t necessary, don’t even think of wasting your money paying some one to prepare one for you.

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Only a professional bill of sale will offer both buyers and sellers the most protection that will stand up in a court of law to discredit false information presented to you at the time of sale or purchase. Your Bill Of Sale can be used to help prove your specific case and protect your rights!

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Other FAQ’s

Can you drive around on a handwritten bill of sale for 30 days in Kansas?

I just bought a car from some friends and they lost the title to the car. I have the means to get the title back, but I need to go places and don’t have new plates for the car. I was wondering if the person that sold me the car wrote up a bill of sale, if I could drive around on that for 30 days in the state of Kansas? I’m pretty sure you can in Missouri, but I live in Kansas.

No…if you drove over the bill of sale for that length of time there would be nothing left of it. What might be left would probably blow away in the wind. Anyway, you wouldn’t be able to read what was on it.

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