Secure your protection today by creating your bill of sale instantly right now! It takes only seconds to get your very own bill of sale in hand!  We guarantee you will be absolutely satisfied with our service and bill of sale contract and the quality of it or you can return the form to us within 24 hours for a 100% refund!
What is a Bill of Sale?

The bill of sale is a legally binding document protecting the rights of the buyer, and also the seller. Within the document will be important features and stats on the vehicle in questions, such as mileage, condition, if there is a warranty expressed by the seller, date of sale, etc. Most often bills of sale are created for person to person sales, not associated with vehicle dealers of retailers. This document is often considered to be mandatory by most professionals in the auto or watercraft re-sale industry. Industry experts would advise anyone buying a used vehicle to create such a document for their personal protection. 

". . . whatever you do, get everything in WRITING. This means if you settle with a private party, write up a contract stating what you are paying for the vehicle and under what terms it is to be delivered."

 "How To Buy a Used Car"
-Kelley Blue Book

We offer several types of Bill Of Sale Documents useable in all 50 states. All of our forms are instantly available to you at the single price of ONLY $5.95. 

  1. Property Bill of Sale 
  2. Vehicle Bill Of Sale 
    (Plus a FREE Odometer Disclosure Statement
    The Odometer Disclosure Statement is a formal statement of a vehicle's mileage that must be given by the owner to the buyer when a vehicle is sold or otherwise transferred.

Our Bill of Sale form delivers legal protection to both buyers and sellers. Use the bill of sale to document the property/vehicle condition, purchase price, mileage and other standard conditions of the sale. You can use this bill of sale in all 50 states.

Make sure to protect yourself with a bill of sale. Only a bill of sale can be used in a court of law to discredit false information presented to you at the time of purchase. Only a bill of sale can be used to prove that warranties were not given or expressed. Make the right choice and ensure your personal rights with a bill of sale from

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